Our Story

Turismo Ixil is the first touristic social enterprise in Nebaj, hosting visitors since 2002. It was started by a former Peace Corps volunteer to bring new income into the community, create dignified jobs and support other community impact work. Income was used to originally launch and continues to support El Centro Explorativo education center in La Pista. 

Our 100% Guatemalan team loves sharing the Ixil culture, traditions and breathtaking natural beauty with visitors from around the world. At Turismo Ixil we offer everything from mountain treks to weaving classes. You'll feel right at home in El Descanso Hostel, or with one of our host families.

Our Partners

Soluciones Comunitarias (Community Solutions) is a community development organization that provides low cost water filters, clean burning stoves, and eye glasses to communities throughout Guatemala. 

La Escuela Oficial de Educación Especial - The Special Education School provides education and vocation training to children and teens with special needs. It is the only school of its kind in Nebaj. 

El Centro Explorativo - The Exploration Center's library, computer lab, and small classrooms give the children of La Pista the opportunity to enhance their education after school. 

Community Empowerment Solutions -  formerly Community Enterprise Solutions and now Community Empowerment Solutions, was founded as a US 501c3 organization in May of 2004. CE Solutions co creates locally-owned social enterprises with aspiring social entrepreneurs. 

Social Entrepreneur Corps  - SE Corps offers the real world opportunity to work side-by-side with and learn from practicing social entrepreneurs in Latin America. Participants engage with individuals/entrepreneurs, local partners and communities to diagnose needs and create, implement and grow social innovations focused on intelligently helping impoverished, marginalized and vulnerable families build better lives for themselves and for their neighbors. 

The original team of Turismo Ixil in 2002 

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