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 Find everything you need for your adventure in Nebaj, Guatemala 

Turismo Ixil is the first touristic social enterprise in Nebaj, hosting visitors since 2002. It was started by a former Peace Corps volunteer to bring new income into the community, create dignified jobs and support other community impact work. Income was used to originally launch and continues to support El Centro Explorativo education center in La Pista. (Please visit)

Join us! Our 100% Guatemalan team loves sharing the Ixil culture, traditions and breathtaking natural beauty with visitors from around the world. At Turismo Ixil we offer everything from mountain treks to weaving classes. You'll feel right at home in El Descanso Hostel, or with one of our host families.

Find your adventure in Nebaj!

Hiking and Tours

At 1900m above sea level, Nebaj is a picturesque, chilly, mountain town. The Turismo Ixil staff along with our local guides have developed nearly a dozen different hikes to share the natural beauty and history of this region with visitors.

El Descanso Restaurante

El Descanso Restaurante was founded in 2002, as a way to create sustainable employment opportunities in Nebaj. Since then, we have been serving delicious food and drinks while providing a relaxing environment for our clients from Nebaj and around the world.

We are open Monday - Sunday.



El Descanso Hostel

In Spanish, El Descanso means "rest",  When you stay in El Descanso Hostel, you'll get just that, a rest. You'll rest easy knowing that you are supporting a family-owned hostel. If you prefer, check out our homestays, and spend your time in Nebaj sharing  meals, and culture with a local family. 


Are you exploring Nebaj as part of a group and you are looking for an organization to help you. Turismo Ixil is the right place for you! We can arrange activities, longing, meals and events for you and your group.


Also, if you like Nebaj so much and you want to extend your stay in the area we can match you with local organizations who need your support!

Getting to Nebaj

These instructions are designed to help you arrive to Nebaj. Road conditions can change, so please feel free to call ahead of time to confirm your travel plans.

Nebaj is about a 6 hour bus or car trip from Antigua or Guatemala City. 

From Guatemala City:

Take a bus to Santa Cruz de Quiché, or "Quiché". 
Once you arrive at the Quiché terminal, take a bus or microbus to Nebaj.

From Antigua:

Take a bus toward Chimaltenango. Ask the driver to let you off where the buses to Quiché pass. You do not need to take the bus all the way to Chimaltenango. 

Change buses to a bus to Quiché. 

Once you arrive at the Quiché terminal, take a bus or microbus to Nebaj.

From Panajachel:

Take a bus to Sololá.

Once in Sololá, take a bus to Los Encuentros.

At Los Encuentros, take a bus to Quiché. 

Once you arrive at the Quiché terminal, take a bus or microbus to Nebaj.

Once in Nebaj, walk two blocks North from the North West corner of the Central Park, and one half block West. Welcome to our office, right inside El Descanso Restaurante. 


Nebaj and its surrounding aldeas or small communities were greatly affected by the Guatemalan Armed Conflict  from 1960-1996. Each of our tours touches on this important, though tragic, history, and the ways Guatemalans' resilience has led them to overcome this past.  Turismo Ixil puts our community first.

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